Day 30 – Way More than Food

mind body spirit

You can’t change one part of you without the other parts changing too. Because we are mind, body, and spirit, when we change one part of ourselves–for the better or worse–the other parts follow suit.

I am finding that my mind and spirit are being renewed as I care for the body. Each day I am experiencing better mental clarity and focus. For those reasons and others, I am so glad God invited me to this raw food experience this year. Continue reading

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Day 28 – Speak Life


I am reading this great book entitled, What to Say When You Talk to Yourself by Shad Helmstetter. It’s helping me to check my thoughts and to speak life into what may appear to be a bad situation.

Last night I was the invited guest on a TV program. I had posted in on every social media platform I have a presences, even sent an email blast when they phoned to say that the new equipment they purchased (to make the new season even better) wasn’t working so they would need to postpone my show. I was a little bummed, but not enough to complain. I know that God’s timing is best and that life and death are in what we say. Continue reading

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Day 27 – My Daughter is Rejecting Chicken


My heart’s desire is that my family eat the way I eat. Not necessarily raw, but a plant-based diet. So the other night when my 8-year-old daughter stated, “I am not going to eat checking anymore” I tried to convince her otherwise, explaining that that was her only option…until I came to my senses. LOL. Then I promptly found her something else to eat. Continue reading

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Day 25 – A Year of First

This is definitely a different kind of year for me; a year of first in fact.

IMG_1573     First time on ice skates.

First time on vacation w/o the fam.  IMG_20150111_144405140

Continue reading

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Day 24 – Extremes Cause Stress

ani book

My friend Tyra recommended the book Ani’s Amazing Raw Essentials by Ani Phyo and I’ve been totally engrossed by the content.

One profound point that Ani makes is to avoid being extreme in your raw food decisions. She writes, “Extremes cause stress….The pressure to be 100 percent perfect is gone. Instead, having gratitude for the foods I have to eat helps me make the right choices…On your own path, you may want to go 100 percent raw, or you may find it’s best for you to try adding raw dishes to your diet daily or weekly. What’s important to remember is that you don’t need to be rigid and you don’t have to go to extremes.” Continue reading

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Day 23 – Going Beyond the Price of Food


As I mentioned in a previous post I’m part of the 28-Day Raw Foods on a Budget Bootcamp (the next one starts Feb 8 if you are interested). It’s fantastic!

The email from Brandi (the creator of this program) for Day 11 suggested that we go beyond the price of food by considering how much we would save if we weren’t so wasteful. Here are some of the stats that Brandi listed: Continue reading

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Day 21 – It Takes 21 Days to Break a Habit


Well I’ve made it to all important 21st day. Not that I don’t think I’ll make it the whole year and maybe beyond, but it’s nice to stop and notice the progress.

For this to be the habit-forming day, I sure do miss cooked food. Not every day, but today was especially challenging. Even the dirty rice w/sausage I made for my family looked good. :) But I miss most of all a great snack. Can’t wait to get a dehydrator so that I can make some Kale Chips. WooHoo! Continue reading

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