Day 55 – I’m Thankful for Great (Healthy) Friends


Since starting this raw food diet I’ve gotten so many emails of encouragement and recipes from my friends. I am thankful for my tribe.

Yesterday my friend Tyra (blogger for Inspired Life) sent her recipe for Red Cabbage Salad  w/Spicy Peanut Dressing. YUM!!! So good I’ve eaten it 2 days in a row. Continue reading

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Day 52 – I’m Raw but not Vegan?

Raw honey

Most of the raw meals I prepare that require a sweetener suggest raw honey. However a few weeks ago one of those recipes said, “add honey (if not vegan).”

It never occurred to me that those following a vegan lifestyle would exclude honey, but it makes sense based this definition. Continue reading

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Day 50 – I’m Happy


I’ve been entertaining out of town guest for the last week thus the lag in blog post, but I’m back and still raw. It’s getting easier and easier with each passing day.

The other week I happened upon a blog from Steve Pavlina who was going raw for 30 days for a third time. Great article but these were the lines that really caught my attention, “I felt totally euphoric during my first raw trial, like I was constantly buzzing on an emotional high. Other raw foodists have reported similar results.” Continue reading

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Day 44 – Allergies vs the Common Cold


I’ve been missing in action as I’ve battled with what I can’t decide is allergies or a cold. Since becoming a vegetarian 5 years ago, I haven’t had a cold, so I find it hard to believe that I have one now but I can’t be sure. Besides I don’t have most of the symptoms to the right of the chart above.

What I do know is since ceasing from nut consumption 3 days ago I feel MUCH better. It may be that I overdosed on nuts, lol. I guess nuts aren’t the new meat after all (helpful article). But despite all of that I feel great; in fact, much better than I’ve felt in years. Continue reading

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Day 40 – Allergies Anyone?

I’ve made it to day 40!!! As many of you know I love that number. The number of transition as now that I think about it I’ve been transitioning all over the place especially in ministry…more to come at a later date.

But for now, I need to figure out what my body is having an allergic reaction to: runny nose and sore throat. The only new thing I added to my diet is a raw food supplement.

raw greens

Perhaps my body is telling me that I have enough nutrition going in and I don’t need to add more? Continue reading

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Day 38 – A New Season


Just today I sensed that I was walking into something bigger; a new season. For that reason it’s time to release some old things so that greater can emerge.

I’m excited for what the future holds, even if it’s not clear what will be. Just thought I would share…

I am also excited to report that this raw thing is getting easier. I am feeling far less “dissatisfied” and enjoying the process far more than I had. Continue reading

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Day 36 – Much Love to Cumin


It’s strange. In my cooked dishes I wasn’t the biggest fan of cumin. I used it, but sparingly. However, now that I am eating raw cumin ROCKS!

I really love how cumin brings out the flavor of the vegetables and makes me feel like I am having an authentic Mexican dish. Yum! Continue reading

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